21 October 2011

I made up my mind.

Siang tadi dengan selambanya bos kata- " you need to stay for another month", my translator only will join mid November....

sedih, geram, marah, perasaan bercampur baur. Permintaan dan tawaran tak ikhlas, hanya nak melepaskan sesak sendiri. Memang benar,  saya belum cari kerja lain, benar juga, saya perlukan pekerjaan. Tetapi saya tidak rela maruah diri dicarik2. Saya tolak permintaan itu dengan baik.

Pendirian saya senang, saya tak minta bulan dan bintang, hanya sekadar, give me the same pay, same position & on permanent basis. If you cannot see my value, others may see.  Maybe my rezeki is somewhere else.

Dear Boss, what happen after I left is not my problem anymore. You and the others better learn to pick up your handphone after working hours, there might be emergencies. You all also need to take ownership of the job task. Blamestorming attitude need to scrap into the dustbin.

Sorry boss... I made up my mind.... do or die. You give me what I want or no go....

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